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"In the mountains,
we forget to count the days..."

CH Studios covers a full spectrum of artistic expression, styles and media to fit in the home, nursery, garden or business setting.

Whether you are a home decorator or an interior designer, we have the perfect pieces you are looking for. 


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Maybe it's a gift you require? Certainly, some of the best treasures and gifts should have the feeling of fortunate happenstance about them. In a high-tech world dominated by massed-produced merchandise, there is an important connection that is made when we discover things created by hand.

Hand-painted Furniture & Accessories:

Our exclusive hand-painted furniture & accessories are completely original... no two are ever alike!!

You will find a variety of techniques and designs used from traditional or rustic to romantic and whimsical styles. We could very likely refurbish an old piece from an attic, estate sale, or auction, or perhaps something from a woodworkers shop or unfinished furniture store. Either way, CH Studios enthusiastically works to dream and create a collection of hand-painted heirlooms that are fresh, spontaneous, and personal. The possibilities are endless...

Pet Portraits:

Our popular Pet Portrait page!  has some modern twists on pet portrait styles. See our Whimsical, Warhol & Masterpiece Portraits!

Photo Restoration:

We have three levels of digital restoration of Photos, Keepsakes & Documents.


Affordable Portraits from your photos.  Great for gifts of all occasions. Coming soon are our Sports Portraits!


The possibilities are endless...

More Commissioned Art:

Commissioned Fine Art, Original Paintings all in many styles and mediums.

Can't decide? Here is a great idea for these one of a kind treasures we offer...

The pieces we showcase are always unique. We feature new and exciting items weekly; therefore, we are certain you are guaranteed to make wonderful discoveries regularly.

Our time-honored creations are sure to fit in today's decorating fashions. We take a look back in time, borrow what is best, and then give it a modern twist... Let us make the difference in your home, office or garden. Select a statement piece and build a room around it.

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On that note we welcome you to take a moment and visit CH STUDIOS... and all it's serendipitous possibilities!


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