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Descendants of Adam Blankenship

1-Adam Blankenship b. May 1872-1874, Buchanan Co., Va, d. 10 Mar 1943, Blackey,
  Va.  He was the son of Mary Blankenship.  He was the illegitamate son of Daniel Blankenship.  We don't know her maiden name.  It may very well have also been Blankenship.  There were many different lines of Blankenships in the area at the time. As far as we know she never married anyone and all her children were from Dan Blankenship. Dan owned a store in the Knox Creek area of Buchanan Co. and married several different women.  Adam was a horse trader.  If anyone has any info. on any of these families please email us.

 +Louvinia "Viney" COOPER (second wife of Adam) b. 1876-1879, Adam Blankenship Cem., Wolford, 
|--2-Sarah BLANKENSHIP b. 7 Mar 1908-1913, Blackey, Buchanan Co., VA, d. 7 Jun
|    1998, Saltville, Washington Co., VA, bur. Adam Blankenship Cem., Wolford,
|    Buchanan Co. Virginia
|--2-William "Willie" "Bill" BLANKENSHIP b. 1903-1909, Buchanan Co., Va, d. Abt
|    10 Feb 1925-1929
|--2-Ethel BLANKENSHIP b. 1907, Buchanan Co., Va, d. Died Young
|--2-Virginia "Jennie" BLANKENSHIP b. 1908-1910, Buchanan Co., Va, d. Abt 1974
|--2-Mary BLANKENSHIP b. 18 May 1911, d. Aug 1977, Raysal, McDowell Co, WV
|--2-Ocie BLANKENSHIP b. 6 Jun 1912-1917, Blackey, Buchanan Co., VA
|--2-Rennie BLANKENSHIP b. After 1920
 +Elizabeth "Betty" Wolford (first wife of Adam) b. May 1874-1876, VA, d. Between Jun 1900 and Jul
  1902, VA. Died in childbirth.  Her parents were Alfred or Alford J. Wolford and Mary?
|--2-Mary "Polly" BLANKENSHIP b. Jul 1890, Buchanan Co., Va, d. Abt 1975,
|    Buchanan Co., Va
|--2-Harriet BLANKENSHIP b. 17 Mar 1893, Buchanan Co., Va, c. other birth date
|    April 1897, d. 20 Apr 1961, Buchanan Co., Va, bur. 28 Apr 1961, Adam
|    Blankenship Cemetary, Wolford, Buchanan Co. Virginia
|--2-"Pricy" Jane Blankenship b. 15 Jun 1895, Buchanan Co., Va, d. Jul 1973,
|    Buchanan Co., Va, bur. Wolford Cem. Wolford, VA
|--2-Alfred BLANKENSHIP b. Abt Dec 1897
|--2-Brisey Brizzie BLANKENSHIP b. Jan 1900, Buchanan Co., Va
|--2-Baby BLANKENSHIP b. 1900-1902

Adam's grandmother was a Lester... a Cherokee descendant of the Lesters & Arthurs. If you are interested or have more info. on these families, please drop me a line...
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